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Hello current Austin area students! This page will include  information about upcoming events, scheduling conflicts I might have, etc. Makeup dates will be discussed individually.

Contact Information:


My email is in the Contact link at the top, & my cell # is 713-927-3558.  You may contact me by either method, but please send me important messages to both.  I typically answer emails on Monday & Friday afternoons, but if anything during the week needs to be addressed, please call me.


Flute Studio Policies

Current students & parents, please click & save the Studio Policies & Lesson Addendum documents under Links on the left for your records.


2018 High School Region Etudes:

TMEA High School etudes for the 2018-2019 school year have been announced.  Please click on the TMEA link to the left for the Performance Guide, which includes detailed notes on each etude.  Also click on the following links for recordings of all 3 etudes.  More related documents of the etudes will be posted very soon.

Karg-Elert Caprices - PDF, #21


Individual etude recordings can be found here:
Etude #1 - Boehm - Etude in D major - Full Tempo
Etude #2 - Anderson - Etude in D# minor
Etude #3 - Karg-Elert - Caprice 21 in B major - Full Tempo

Other recordings of Etude #1: Luellyn Dollard, Yoshio Takamura

Slower Recordings of Etude #3:  B major etude by Lish Lindsey at 100-110 bpm, B major by Brooke Harris at 100 bpm, B major etude at 90-100 bpm

Also visit Lilia Agard's YouTube page for slower practice tempos:

Lilia Agard


2018 Region 32 Middle School Etude recordings: TBA


Lesson schedule conflicts:


September 3rd - Holiday

October 8th - Holiday




Any students are encouraged to attend any performances I am playing in, & you can view my schedule on the performance link above for the Austin Symphony & Ballet Austin. If you attend a concert, please let me know & don't forget to say hello! I would love to meet student parents, since I don't always get a chance to meet them.




Links to websites of band programs that I currently teach at are listed on the left.

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