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This is a comprehensive list of solos that I am very familiar with & have worked on with many students. Classification is taken from the Texas UIL Prescribed Music List (PML)For UIL movement, edition, & book specifications, you can look them up at the PML listing on the left.  Please note that solos in the unaccompanied list are to be played without piano accompaniment, & I have recorded most of these at home for student reference.  I have also included many excerpts of common solos. If you want to hear more excerpts of other solos, you can hear some sound clips of various performers by searching on Amazon. If you would like to hear the entire piece, you can hear many of them on Rhapsody or iTunes, & I also have select movements with links from YouTube.  I will include more links over time. Although these recordings are great resources, please note that it is highly advised to listen to multiple recordings!


* Since 2010, I have gradually included links to PDF files of select available solos directed from the IMSLP & Flute Tunes websites. Should you decide to perform one of these pieces, the parts are to serve as practice parts, but you must buy the originals to perform at UIL contest.


Flute Solos


Advanced Level (Class 1) - High School


Smart Music - solos with accompaniment available on the computer program


** solos marked with 2 asterisks are more difficult & recommended for players at the Region, Area & All-State levels

JS Bach - Sonata in Eb major, *YouTube*
JS Bach - Sonata in C major, *YouTube*
JS Bach - Sonata in E minor, *YouTube*
JS Bach - Suite in B minor, *YouTube
CPE Bach - Sonata in G, "Hamburger" *2nd movement*
Bloch - Suite Modale  *mp3, mvts 1 & 3*
Burton - Sonatina *mp3 soundclip*
Busser - Prelude et Scherzo
Chaminade - Concertino
Copland - Duo
** Doppler - Fantasie Pastorale Hongroise, YouTube
Duvernoy - Concertino
Dvorak - Sonatina Op. 100
Enesco - Cantabile & Presto *soundclip*
Faure - Fantasie, *YouTube*
Ganne - Andante et Scherzo, *soundclip*
Gaubert - Fantasie, YouTube
Gaubert - Nocturne et Allegro Scherzando, *mp3 soundclip*
Handel - Sonata III in G major, *soundclip*
Handel - Sonata IV in C major, *soundclip*
Handel - Sonata VI in B minor, *soundclip*
Haydn - Concerto in D
Hindemith - Sonata, YouTube
** Ibert - Concerto, YouTube
Kennan - Night Soliloquy
Mozart - Andante in C major *mp3 soundclip*
Mozart - Concerto in D, *mvt 1 soundclip, mvt 3 soundclip*
Mozart - Concerto in G *mvt 1 soundclip, mvt 3 soundclip*
Mozart - Rondo in D Major, YouTube
Muczynski - Sonata
Perilhou - Ballade *soundclip*
Poulenc - Sonata *mvt 1 soundclip*, *mvt 2 soundclip*
Prokofiev - Sonata in D, op. 94
Quantz - Concerto in G *mvt 1 soundclip, mvt 3 soundclip*
Reinecke - Sonata "Undine", mvt 1
Saint-Saens - Airs de Ballet d' Ascanio
Stamitz - Concerto in G major
Taffanel - Andante Pastorale et Scherzettino
Telemann - Suite in A minor *soundclip*, Listen to entire Suite

Other - High School solos that would need to be memorized for UIL State contest only & not available on Smart Music


JS Bach - Sonata in G minor
Anderson - Alla Mazurka *soundclip*
Anderson - Barcarolle *soundclip*
Anderson - Chant Pastorale *soundclip*
Beethoven - Serenade, Op. 8 *soundclip*
Boccherini - Concerto *soundclip*
Bolling - Suite for Flute & Jazz Piano, *Baroque & Blue
Chopin - Variations *soundclip*
Clarke - Hypnosis, *YouTube
Dello Joio - Suite *soundclip*
Gaubert - Sonata 1, YouTube
Gaubert - Sonata 3, YouTube - mvt 1 & 3
Godard - Waltz *soundclip*
Gretry - Concerto in C major *soundclip*
Harlos - Sonata Rubata *soundclip*
** Hue - Fantaisie *soundclip*
** Jacob - Concerto YouTube
Koehler - Papillon
Kuhlau - 3 Grand Solos, No. 1, No. 2, or No.3
Loeillet - Adagio & Gigue
Loeillet - Sonata in E minor
Martinu - Sonata, 1st mvt, 3rd mvt
Milhaud - Sonatine
Molique - Andante
Mouquet - La Flute de Pan
Piston - Sonata
Reinecke - Ballade
Roussel - Joueurs de FluteYouTube
Rutter - Suite Antique, Mvt 1, 2, 3, Mvt 4, 5, 6
Schulhoff - Flute sonata, YouTube
Schumann - 3 Romances, Op. 94, YouTube
Taktakishvili - Sonata, mvt 1, mvt 3
Telemann - Sonata No. 3 in f minor
Tulou - Introduction & Variations on a Theme of Rossini
Vivaldi - Concerto in D major, "Il Gardelino", YouTube
Widor - Sonata, YouTube

State Solo - unmemorized list; these are typically more difficult & recommended for players at the Area/All-State level

CPE Bach - Concerto in d minor, *Movement 1
JS Bach - Partita in A minor, Allemande PDF, Courante PDF, YouTube
JS Bach - Sonata in b minor, *YouTube
** Dutilleux - Sonatine, *YouTube
Feld - Sonata, mvt 1
** Griffes - Poem, YouTube
** Martin - Ballade, YouTube
Mower - Sonata Latino, *YouTube
Muczynski - Sonata, *MP3 - mvt 3, MP3 - mvt 4*
Nielsen - Concerto, *YouTube
Prokofiev - Sonata, mvt 1, mvt 2, mvt 4
Reinecke - Concerto, *YouTube
Sancan - Sonatine, *YouTube
Zyman - Sonata, *YouTube

Unaccompanied Solos - no pianist needed; listed in order of increasing difficulty

Debussy - Syrinx, YouTube
Honegger - Danse de La Chevre, YouTube, *MP3*
JS Bach - Partita in A minor, Allemande PDF, Courante PDF, YouTube
CPE Bach - Sonata in A minor, *Poco Adagio, MP3 - 3rd mvt*; YouTube
Telemann - 12 Fantasias for Flute, *A major, B minor, D minor, D major*
Dorff - August Idyll, YouTube
Ferroud - Trois Pieces, YouTube
Hindemith - Acht Stucke, *MP3*
Hoover - Kokopelli, YouTube
Ibert - Piece, YouTube
Liebermann - Soliloquy, YouTube
Muczynski - 3 Preludes, *MP3*
Paganini - Caprice No. 23, YouTube
Paganini - Caprice No. 24, YouTube
Piazzolla - Tango Etudes (play 2 etudes), YouTube
Karg-Elert - Sonata Appassionata in F#, *MP3*, IMSLP
Bozza - Image, YouTube
Patillo - 3 Beats for Beatbox & Flute, YouTube

Piccolo Solos

Bartok - Suite for Piccolo *soundclip*
Bliss - Rima *soundclip*
Bottje - Concertino *soundclip*
Broughton - Concerto (2nd mvt) *soundclip*
Dorff - Sonatine de Giverny
Jones - Sonata Piccola
La Montaine - Sonata (* does not need to be memorized for State Contest) *soundclip*
Persichetti - Parable (unaccompanied)
Vivaldi - Concerto in A minor *soundclip*
Vivaldi - Concerto in C major (* available on Smart Music) *soundclip*
Zaninelli - Three Scenes (Birds)

Class 1/Advanced - Middle School

The following are solos I would suggest for advanced 7th & 8th grade students (more links available above):

JS Bach - Partita in A minor  *soundclip*, Sarabande PDF, Bouree Anglaise PDF
JS Bach - Sonata in C major  *soundclip*
JS Bach - Sonata in Eb major  *soundclip*
JS Bach - Suite in B minor  *soundclip*
Debussy - Syrinx, *Download PDF*
Franck - Sonata, mvt 4
Honegger - Danse de La Chevre *download mp3*, YouTube
Le Clair - Gigue  *soundclip*
Koehler - Papillon*soundclip*
Massenet - Meditation from Thais, YouTube
Saint-Saens - Airs de Ballet d' Ascanio
Telemann - Suite in A minor, Overture *soundclip*


Intermediate Level (Class 2) - 7th & 8th grade

Anderson - Scherzino, *download mp3*
JS Bach - Invention No. 8 in F major PDF
JS Bach - Suite in B minor, select movements; Rondeau
Beethoven - Turkish March PDF *also suggested for piccolo players*
Bizet - 2nd Minuet de L'ArlesienneYouTube, *mp3*
Boisdeffre - Orientale, op. 31, YouTube
Caplet - Petite Valse YouTube
DonJon - Adagio NobileYouTube
DonJon - Offertoire, op. 12 YouTube
DonJon - Pan YouTube, *download mp3*
Faure - Morceau de Concours YouTube
Faure - Sicilienne, YouTube
Franck - Sonata, mvt 1
Gaubert - Madrigal
Gluck - Minuet & Dance of the Blessed Spirits
Godard - Allegretto, op. 116, *download mp3*
Godard - Idylle, op. 116, YouTube
Grieg - Morning Mood from Peer Gynt, PDF, YouTube
Joncieres - Hungarian Serenade, YouTube
Handel - Sonata V in F major; mvts 1 & 2 or mvts 3 & 4
Le Clair - Gigue, mp3
Loeillet - Adagio & Gigue
Marcello - Sonata in F major, PDF, Mvt 2 Allegro PDF
Mozart - Andante (Piano Sonata No. 1), YouTube Clip
Mozart - Adagio from Flute Quartet in D, YouTube
Mozart - Concerto in D major, 2nd mvt, YouTube
Pessard - Andalouse, *mp3*
Poulenc - Sonata, 2nd mvt, YouTube
Taktakishvili - Sonata, 2nd mvt
Telemann - Sonata in C major
Telemann - Sonata in C minor
Telemann - Sonata in F major*also suggested for piccolo players*
Telemann - Suite in A minor, select movements Listen

Beginner Level (Class 3) - 1 to 2 years

Note: These PDF links have midi soundclips on the page

JS Bach - Sonata IV in C major (Minuet & Trio) PDF
JS Bach - Menuet *mp3 in F major*, *mp3 in G major*, G major PDF
JS Bach - Menuet I & II from Suite No. 1 in C major PDF
JS Bach - Minuet from Flute Suite No. 2 in B minor PDF
Beethoven - Minuet No. 2 in G major PDF, YouTube
Beethoven - Minuet in G major YouTube
Gossec - Gavotte PDF, YouTube
Gossec - Gavotte from Don Juan YouTube
Gretchaninoff - First Waltz YouTube
Handel - Sonata in G major, Bourree PDF & Menuetto PDF, Bourree - YouTube
Handel - Petite Gavotte *mp3*
Hauser - Song Without Words
Haydn - Allegro in C major *mp3*
Haydn - Serenade in C major (from String Quartet in F major), PDF, YouTube
Kuhlau - Menuett in F major YouTube
Miaskovsky - 2 Russian Songs YouTube
Mozart - Menuett Paysanne YouTube, *mp3*
Saint-Saens - The Swan from "Carnival of the Animals PDF
Schubert - Round Dance
Tchaikovsky - The Lonely Birch Tree YouTube
Tchaikovsky - Theme from Swan Lake YouTube