This page is dedicated to flute links galore from flute shops, flute brands, flutists, & more.


Flute & Flute Music Shops

Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company - Dallas based flute specialty store with flutes, flute accessories, music, & more
Flute World - as the name suggests, just about anything related to flute can be ordered from here; Michigan
Strait Music - Austin based music store
Sam Bass Music - Round Rock music store
The Flute Finder - Flute dealer here in Austin
Southern Music Company - Music dealer in San Antonio
Flutacious - West Coast Flute & Piccolo Specialty Shop in Los Angeles
Flute Center of New York
Little Piper - Flute sheet music, used flutes; near Detroit, Michigan
JB Weissman Flute Company
Woodwind Brasswind - Band instruments & supplies in Indiana
JL Smith & Co
Used Flutes - listings of used flutes and piccolos *please beware, spammers unfortunately abuse this site!!*
Itchy Fingers Publications - sheet music of British composer Mike Mower

Austin/San Antonio Related Sites

Austin Chamber Music Center
Austin Lyric Opera
Jessica Mathaes - Concertmaster of the ASO
Philip Arno - photographer & ASO musician in Austin
San Antonio Symphony
Mid-Texas Symphony

Flute Brands

Hammig Piccolo
Prima Sankyo

Flute Clubs & Miscellaneous

Texas Flute Society
Austin Flute Club
Houston Flute Club
Chicago Flute Club
Mid South Flute Society
Oklahoma Flute Society
Flute Society of Kentucky
Larry Krantz Flute Pages
Flute Info

Non-Flute Sites

Texas Music Educators Association
Used Oboes - pictures of used oboes to try & buy
Douglas Yeo - Douglas Yeo's Trombone website with many helpful articles for any musician
Reed Monster - Crystal Hall's oboe reed site
North Texas Oboe Reeds - Stephen Hiramoto's oboe reed site

Famous Flutists

These include national and international orchestral players, soloists, and teachers. It's hard to remember exactly who I've met, seen perform, or masterclasses I've attended, so here's an easy way for me to keep track!

Peter Lloyd - attended a Masterclass at NFA 2007
Ransom Wilson - attended a Masterclass at UT Austin in 2006

Walfrid Kujala - worked with him for Civic Orchestra sectionals, 2005-06
Bonita Boyd - attended a masterclass she gave at the Chicago Flute Fair, 2005
Paula Robison - saw her perform with guitarist Eliot Fisk in Evanston, IL, 2005
Gary Schocker - attended masterclasses he gave in Chicago 2003 & Kentucky Flute Festival 2004
Hubert Laws - met him at HMI 2003
David Shostac - studied with at HMI 2003
Robert Dick - featured artist at the Texas Flute Society Festival in 2003
Keith Underwood - attended a masterclass in Dallas, TX, 2002
Brad Garner - saw him perform at the Texas Flute Society Festival in 2002
Timothy Day - attended a masterclass at UNT in 2001
Alexa Still - saw her perform at the Texas Flute Society Festival in 2001
Susan Milan - attended a masterclass at UNT in 2000
Carol Wincenc - saw her perform Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire at UH in 1998
Jeanne Baxtresser - attended a masterclass she gave at Texas Flute Society Festival in 1997

More Famous Flutists

Julius Baker
Sharon Bezaly
Mathieu Dufour
James Galway
Erich Graf
Matej Grahek
Maria Harding
Trudy Kane
Jeffrey Khaner
Emmanuel Pahud
Jean-Pierre Rampal
Fenwick Smith
Joshua Smith
Jonathan Snowden
Mark Sparks
John Wion
Trevor Wye
Jeff Zook
Eugenia Zukerman

Flute Professors

Beth Chandler
April Clayton
Nicole Esposito
Jill Felber
Marianne Gedigian
Jennifer Keeney
Katherine Kemler
Conor Nelson
Marina Piccini
Amy Porter
Thomas Robertello
Mary Stolper
Jim Walker

More Flute Player Sites

These are personal pages of various flutists I've either met in person, heard in recital/masterclass, or have stumbled upon while web surfing. If you would like your page included in here, just email me at rlopezflute at yahoo dot com & I'd be happy to include it!

Lilia Agard
Justin Bahrami
Jasmine Choi
Jennifer Cluff
Inna Gilmore
Emily Gurwitz
Shanna Gutierrez
Bonnie Doyle
John McMurtery
Greg Milliren
Sean Owen
Tereasa Payne
Nina Perlove
Kate Prestia-Schaub
Catherine Ramirez
Carrie Rose
Terri Sanchez
Ben Smolen
Kim Sopata
Amy Taylor
Katrina Walter
Elena Yarritu

many more to come!!